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Interactive Oral Hygiene Course for Patients by ITI

A shared vision by all professionals and institutions in the dental practice, can be defined to be the vision that patients should be better educated in the caring of their oral hygiene. It is by far the responsibility of the dental practice to offer their patients educative material. Here at All Family Dentistry, we completely acknowledge this responsibility, and we are now moving forward to provide the necessary education to our patients. In the following months, we will be providing educative material in form of written brochures, online resource links, online videos and so on.

We are happy to share the following Oral Hygiene Course, developed by the International Training Institute (ITI). Please take this opportunity to educate yourself on what may seem obvious to most, but is probably taken for granted in the end. We hope this course helps you to have the best smile possible! As always we welcome any questions or concerns you may have, please give us a call or make an appointment.

Oral Hygiene Course